Welcome to Helen Import Day Staff Team and thank you for volunteering your time and effort to make this event the best car show ever. The following policy must be respected and followed at all times, and in so doing, all donated equipment will be safe and secure. Thank you

General Information

1. Volunteers are expected to perform their duties accurately and completely, and may be asked to perform extra duties for the event in addition to their original sign-up times. Volunteers must be able to devote time and effort to the event before, during and after.
2. Volunteers are required to attend Helen Import Day during their specified time slots, unless special exception is made by the Staff Team.

Staff Personal Information

1. All volunteers are required to provide accurate information to Helen Import Day, with the understanding that no information will be available to anyone outside of the convention.
2. Volunteers are required to keep email contact with their department or the staffing department continuously throughout the year. If volunteers are unreachable through email or phone in a timely manner at any time, they will be taken off the volunteer list and will not qualify for any volunteer benefits.
3. Volunteering in a certain department is contingent on approval by the department head.
4. Volunteers are asked to make an attempt to attend at least one volunteer meeting.
5. Volunteers should sign up for any social media groups or email lists associated with their section.

Staff Rules and Regulations

1. Volunteers are required to abide by the same rules as attendees, and should be well-read on all Helen Import Day official policies.
2. Volunteers are restricted from any activity that will take their attention away from the assigned duty that they are responsible for while working. This includes, but is not limited to, working for a vendor. After their scheduled hours, volunteers are welcome to enjoy the events of the event, but Helen Import Day duties take precedence over other activities.
3. Alcohol and illegal substances are not allowed to be carried or consumed by anyone at the event.
4. No volunteer should give their badge to any attendee for any reason.  If a volunteer gives his/her badge to an attendee, he/she is subject to expulsion and permanent ban from working future Helen Import Day events.
5. As a representative of Helen Import Day, volunteers are asked to abide by certain etiquette standards before, during, and after the event. Volunteers are to conduct themselves in a professional manner regarding the event, and are asked to refer to official Helen Import Day announcements when on any public forum (newspaper, radio, magazine article, blogs, forums, etc.).
6. Volunteers are reminded that most equipment at Helen Import Day is donated, therefore no on who is not on volunteer staff is allowed in either  ANY time for ANY reason. If an attendee needs something from lost and found, the volunteer is to procure it for them and bring it outside the room.


1. Volunteers who are given shirts are asked not to wear their staff shirt except when they are on duty. These shirts are for VOLUNTEER STAFF ONLY. DO NOT give your shirt to anyone else.
2. If you are working for a vendor while off-duty, do not wear a volunteer shirt.


1. Should a volunteer fail to abide by the rules outlined in this document, or behave untoward while representing the event (whether it be at the event, on a public forum, or otherwise), a warning, reassignment, or expulsion may be enacted. The severity of the offense will dictate the severity of the discipline.
2. The staffing member will be the deciding factor in any disciplinary action.


1. Volunteer meetings, volunteer events, and communications between volunteer staff contain information from Helen Import Day which may be confidential and privileged. Please refrain from any disclosure, copying, distribution or use of this information and note that such actions are prohibited until an official statement is released by the convention. This includes guest announcements, events policies. Helen Import Day reserves the right to remove any person from volunteer staff for any reason at any time.